The KMFRI Nairobi office is located within the National Museum Compound specifically next to the Headquarters of the Fisheries then then Fisheries department. The staff capacity is about 13 members of staff and is headed by a station coordinator

Duty and roles
The Nairobi office plays a vital liaison activities between KMFRI and other Government ministries and institutions within and around Nairobi. It is also a central conveyance point for communication between other KMFRI stations Kisumu, Sagana, Sangoro Turkana, Baringo, Kegati, Mombasa, and other Institutions and Government Ministries around and within Nairobi.

The station initially was established to accommodate the chairman’s office and has been in place since the establishment of KMFRI. It will soon be expanding to accommodate more staff so as to be able to undertake aquatic research in areas around Nairobi and central and eastern parts of the country.

Station Coordinator:

Mr. Mutune Masai David
Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute
Nairobi Liaison Station
P.O. Box 58455
Tel: +254 (020) 3746659
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Nairobi, KENYA