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  • Principal Secretary, University Education and Research, Amb. Simon Nabukwesi (centre) with CEO of National Research Fund (NRF) and KMFRI Director Prof. James Njiru (left) during a tour of KMFRI cage culture at Kibokoni, Kilifi County, a project funded by NRF on 24th September 2020
  • KMFRI Director Prof. James Njiru, gives a press briefing during the Kenya Climate-Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP) at KARLO, Naivasha. Prof. Njiru underscored the need for aquaculture farming saying that it is the only way that a country could meet the fish demand in the country as opposed to relying on capture fisheries.
  • KMFRI Director Prof. James Njiru (4th right) accompanied by Mr. Abraham Kagwima (3rd right) and Dr. Dr Peter Odote (far left) visited KEFRI Enterprises on 11th August 2020 to learn how their successful business wing works. The model is being adopted by KMFRI Enterprise.
  • Inception and sensitization meeting: The project implementation team is led by KMFRI with research scientists Dr. Kevin Obiero (left), Dr. Domitila Kyule, Ms. Fonda Jane Awuor and Esther Wairimu.
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