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Elijah Kembenya

Elijah Kembenya

Mr. Elijah Kembenya, a top researcher at KMFRI, is based in Kegati Station, Aquaculture Division, and specialises in Fish Ecology and Seed Production. He holds a BSc in Fisheries and Aquatic Science from Moi University (Kenya), an MSc in Limnology from Kisii University (Kenya), and is currently pursuing a PhD in Fisheries from Kisii University. Mr. Kembeya is currently studying life history strategy patterns of selected fish species in Kuja-Migori River

Research Network: Research Gate

KMFRI Kegati Aquaculture Research Centre
Fish ecology and seed production

PhD Fisheries (on going)
MSc Limnology
BSc Fisheries and Aquatic Science

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  •  Paul Orina, Erick Ogello, Elijah Kembenya, Cecilia Githukia, Safina Musa, Veronica Ombwa, Venny Mziri, Jacob Abwao, Robert Ondiba, John Okechi, (2018). State of Cage Culture In Lake Victoria, Kenya. KMFRI Research Report No. AQUA/FWS/2017-2018/5. 


  • Eastern Africa Water Association (EAWA)
  • Sustainable Aquaculture Research Networks in Sub Saharan Africa (SARNISSA)