The Aquatic Resources and
Blue Economy Conference (ARBEC), will be held in Kisumu, 
Kenya, in November 2022 

Important conference dates

15th July, 2022 - Abstract submission

28th Nov - 1st Dec 2022 - Conference date

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Victor Mwakha Alati

Victor Mwakha Alati

Mr Alati is interested in understanding local knowledge held by coastal communities of Kenya. He is currently pursuing his PhD in Social Anthropology at the University of Roehampton, London. His study focuses on maritime heritage practices of coastal fishing communities. It utilizes ethnographic approaches to understand fishing community’s sociocultural experiences, practices, beliefs, opinions, moralities, values, identities and way of life.

KMFRI Mombasa
Oceanography and Hydrography
Socioecological systems; Social anthropology
Social anthropology; Socioeconomics; and Fisheries management.
  • PhD student, Social Anthropology, The University of Roehampton, London.
  • Msc in Ecological Marine ManagementFree University Brussels, Belgium.
  • BSc in Applied Aquatic Sciences, Egerton University, Kenya.

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  • Aura, C., Musa, S, Osore, M. K., Kimani, E., Alati, V. M., Wambiji, N., Maina, G., Charo-Karisa, H. (2017). Quantification of climate change implications for water based management: a case study of oyster suitability sites occurrence model along the Kenya coast. Journal of Marine Systems, 165, 27 – 35. DOI:
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