The Aquatic Resources and
Blue Economy Conference (ARBEC), will be held in Kisumu, 
Kenya, in November 2022 

Important conference dates

15th July, 2022 - Abstract submission

28th Nov - 1st Dec 2022 - Conference date

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Kenya Aquatica

KCSAP Project

Samuel Mwamburi

Samuel Mwamburi

He started working at KMFRI in July, 2019. He is an early career marine biotechnologist  who champions environmental DNA research to complement conventional biodiversity assessment methods and a KMFRI OBIS-node taskforce member. He mentors undergraduate students on industrial attachments and internship. As a member of the Aquatic  Genomics, Forensics and Bioinformatics team, He is involved in extraction and down stream processing of nucleic acids from multiple marine organisms for barcoding, metabarcoding and metagenomics. He uses population genetics and bioinformatics tools in an attempt to understand the structure and distribution of marine genetic resources.

Laboratory skills; DNA & RNA extraction, PCR (Gradient, nested, reverse transcription, real time, multiplex), next generation sequencing, genetic transformation, tissue culture, isolation and propagation of bacteria, fungi & virus. He can perform data analysis using various bioinformatics pipelines and disseminate findings through presentation, technical reports and manuscripts. 


  • WIOMSA - MARG I Grant, 2020.
  • MEXT PhD Scholarship, 2021.

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KMFRI Mombasa
Fisheries (Molecular biology/Biotechnology)
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Environmental DNA biodiversity, population genetics, marine bioprospecting

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology: MSc. Biotechnology

Technical University of Kenya: B.Tech. Biotechnology

  • Production of polyhydroxyalkanoates by hydrocarbonaclastic bacteria
  • Isolation and morphological characterization of endophytic fungi isolated from mangrove plants along the Kenyan coastline