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Dr. Peter Oduor-Odote

Dr. Peter Oduor-Odote

My name is Peter Michael Oduor-Odote and I work as a Principal Research Officer at the Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute in Mombasa Kenya. I hold a PhD degree from the University of Surrey (UK).

I am also the Business Development Manager at KMFRI whose objective is to look at opportunities in KMFRI for income generation. In an extracurricular career, I am involved in Theatre and Arts and I am currently the Chairman of the Little Theatre Club Mombasa-the oldest purpose-built theatre centre in the region.

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KMFRI Mombasa Research Centre
My specialization is food quality control and management, post harvest control techniques, fish product value addition and bioactive compound profiling especially antioxidants and fish feeds
The research areas I have interest in and work in are (i) Fish post-harvest control technologies where I with others have successfully designed and implemented improved fish drying racks, solar dryers, solar tunnel dryers and lately the Hybrid windmill solar tunnel dryer now with a capacity to produce ice: a patented innovation installed in Kipini Kenya The Hybrid windmill solar tunnel dryer was showcased at the Africa Platform on Civil service Innovations in Congo Brazaville (2015) and was among the top 10 leading innovations at the 1st Pan African Congress on Post-Harvest Technologies in Africa held in Nairobi in 2017 (ii) In the fried fish chain, I have patented an innovation -Improved fried fish display box or simply known as “The Mama Karanga box” for the “Mama Karanga” women who sell fried fish by the roadside or in designated market places in the evenings. This simple innovation improves health of women, saves money on paraffin, affects climate change positively (no carbon footprint) and is hygienic. The improved fried fish display box (“Mama Karanga box”) has been supplied to Kipini county and Kwale Counties in Kenya on pilot basis with demands for more on the increase (iii) In value addition and fish product development, I have developed and patented a rack dried value added Dagaa product “Rack dried Kimalawari is soy sauce” which will soon be in the shelves. (iv) In the cold chain, I am currently involved in an innovation on insulated container for holding fish in ice flakes at fish bandas a coolshed container using green energy (wind and solar) for holding fish and farm produce at 1 to 5 oC to help in post harvest control. . All these innovations are for improved food security and livelihoods. They are also sensitive to women and youth (v) I have a lot of interest in use of antioxidants especially in increasing shelf-life of fish during storage with focus on lipid oxidation. This formed part of my PhD study. (vi) I am coordinating a consortium of scientists (both local and international) on bioprospecting bringing together a team of experts to look at bioactive compounds as well as antioxidants in the Kenyan EEZ as part of the Blue Economy I am currently involved in the SolCool-BMEL project involving instiutions in Kenya and Germany in Dagaa drying. Others participated in include EU projects involving up to 9 countries; Kenya Coastal Development project by world bank. I have participated in locally funded own projects by National Council for Science and Technology, WIOMSA, Commission for Higher Education, Safaricom Foundation among others. I work in close collaboration with JKUAT on post-harvest techniques and soon with Machakos University. I have students who come and go on attachments and internship from the Kenyan universities and technical institution.


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