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Dr. Domitila Kyule-Muendo

Dr. Domitila Kyule-Muendo

Dr. Domitila Kyule-Muendo, a highly seasoned KMFRI scientist, is based in Sagana Centre, Aquaculture Division, and specialises in post-harvest technologies and value addition in aquaculture. She holds a BSc in Botany and Zoology from the University of Nairobi, and an MSc in Limnology and Wetland Ecosystems from UNESCO-IHE, the Netherlands. Mrs Muendo is a PhD student at Kenyatta University (Kenya). I am currently undertaking research in molecular profiles of bacterial isolates from processed and raw fish and products retailed in the Kenyan markets. I have a vast experience (13 years) in Food safety and microbiology under aquaculture and have published 3 books and have published over 15 papers in peer reviewed journals. I have collaborated with various institutions in aquaculture and in food safety/ phytosanitary requirements in fish processing research managed by international and regional organizations such as UNIDO, AAK-Kenya, AFIPEK, ASARECA, KAPAP projects with funds from European Union (EU) and World Bank.  I have been working very closely with the county governments to offer trainings and demonstrations on fish product development to fish traders, farmers and to the public.  I have participated in several research themes among them, Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in East and Central Africa and Kenya agricultural productivity and agribusiness. I have successfully developed and piloted thirteen fish products including fish sausages, samosas, fingers, balls, among others. I have a good understanding in the field of water quality and microbiology applicable in food industry. I have a vast knowledge in most computer software.

Research Network: Research Gate

KMFRI Sagana Aquaculture Research Centre
Value addition in fish, post harvest technologies, Microbiology/ fish safety and aquaculture
Value addition in fish, Food/fish safety, Microbiology, Post harvest technologies, Molecular characterization of bacteria, antibiotic susceptibility, and aquaculture and food science.

MSc Limnology and Wetland ecosystems
BSC (Botany and zoology)

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Jonathan Mbonge Munguti, Safina Musa, Paul S. Orina, Domitila Kyule, Mary A. Opiyo, Harrison Charo-Karisa and Erick Ochieng Ogello. An overview of current status of Kenyan fish feed industry and feed management practices, challenges and opportunities IJFAS 2014; 1(6): 128-137. 

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Yongo, E. Opiyo, M. A., Munguti J.M., Kyule, D., Orina, P.S, Obiero, K., and Charo-Karisa. H. (2013). Mobilizing the aquaculture sector for economic and sustainable growth: Case study of Vihiga, Kirinyaga and Kilifi Counties in the republic of Kenya. Online. 

Domitila N K, Harrisson C, David M and M A Opiyo 2013. Value addition technologies and fish product recipes booklet prepared under Strengthening Agricultural Research in East and Central Africa (ASARECA) through the project; building public-private sector partnership to enhance productivity and competitiveness of Aquaculture-Grant No. RC10 LFP-02.