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Caroline Wanjiru

Caroline Wanjiru
KMFRI Shimoni Centre

PhD Fisheries (student) 
MSc Hydrobiology (aquaculture) 
BSc Agriculture

Kairo, J.G, Wanjiru, C and Ochiewo, J (2009). Net Pay: Economic Analysis of a Replanted Mangrove Plantation in Kenya. Journal of sustainable forestry Volume 28, 2009 - Issue 3-5 

Nunan, F. and C. Wanjiru (forthcoming) 'Enabling Climate Compatible Development in the coastal region of Kenya', in Nunan, F. (ed.) Making Climate Compatible Development Happen, London: Routledge. 

Huxham, M, Brown, A D, Diele, K, Kathiresan, K, Nagelkerken, I and Wanjiru, C (forthcoming)“Mangroves and Local Communities: what are local ecosystem services and how vulnerable are these to climate change" in: “Mangrove Ecosystems: A Global Biogeographic Perspective Structure, Function and Services” (in press) Springer. 

Wanjiru C., 2009: Challenges and lessons learnt in the culture of Indian Shrimp, Penaeus indicus (H. Milne Edwards, 1837) in hapas inside fertilized ponds in Mtwapa creek, Kenya. A case study for the aquaculture compendium