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Charles Muthama

Charles Muthama

I have been involved in Seagrass research in which I was able to do seagrass ecosystem fragmentation documentation and assessment of natural recovery of degraded beds, seagrass Ecosystem Biodiversity (under KCDP) , seagrass Ecosystem restoration of degraded beds  and seagrass monitoring for seagrassNet (a worldwide network) 

KMFRI Mombasa Research Centre
Seagrass restoration

MSc. In Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (Fisheries Management option) from UoE – Continuing since Sept. 2014. 
BSc. Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences – UoE (2nd Class) 2012. 
Diploma in Applied Biology – TUM (Previously Mombasa Polytechnic)

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  • Uku, J., Ndirangu, S., Muthama, C. and Kimathi, A. 2005. An evaluation of the effect of sea urchin herbivory in the Diani- Chale lagoon. Preliminary report No 1. A KMFRI/CORDIO collaborative project report. 8pp. 
  • Uku, J., Ndirangu, S., Muthama, C., Kimathi, A. and Kilonzi, J. 2007. An evaluation of the effect of sea urchin herbivory in the Diani-Chale lagoon: recovery potential of the seagrass habitat. Preliminary Report II. A KMFRI/CORDIO collaborative project report. 13 pp. 
  • Daudi, L., Victor A. M., and Muthama, C.M., (2014). Seagrass Restoration Technical Protocol. Report Submitted to KCDP in preparation for seagrass restoration along the Kenyan Coast. 10pp. 
  • Daudi, L, Victor A. M., and Muthama C.M., (2014). Strategy on Restoration of Degraded Seagrass Ecosystems along the Kenyan Coast. Rpt to be used in Implementation of Seagrass Restoration by KCDP. 13pp. 
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