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Beatrice Njeri Obegi

Beatrice Njeri Obegi

She has worked in both Marine and freshwater Ecosystems for more than 10 years. She trained in Mombasa Technical Training Institute for a diploma in Analytical Chemistry in 2000 and later in 2013 she was awarded BSc. degree in Environmental Science at Egerton university. In 2018 she has been a warded an MSc honors in Marine Resource based Ecosystem management and climate Change in the university of Nha trang Vietnam.  She has worked as a Laboratory Technologist in Chemistry Lab for many years, since 2014 she has been working as an assistance research officer up to current. She has worked in various projects such as Kenya Belgium Project, Marine Park Environmental Monitoring e.t.c., and now working in freshwater ecosystems. She has published three research papers and submitted five research proposals.

KMFRI Naivasha
Freshwater Systems
Environmental Science
Environmental & Aquatic Sciences, Chemical Oceanography & Limnology, Climate Change Scenarios, , Aquaculture, Socio-economics, Sustainability Sciences, Ecology, Data Analysis
  • A PhD student in Kisii University (On-going)
  • Marine resource-based management and climate change ( Nha Trang University,    Vietnam)
  • Environmental Science ( Second Class Honours Upper division Egerton University)
  • Diploma in Analytical Chemistry (Mombasa Technical Training institute)
  • Icra-unesco (2weeks), Participatory Action Research
  • USAID workshop on aquaculture

  • Obegi B. (2018) Impacts of Blue Carbon Trading in Gazi, Bay Mombasa
  • James Last Keyombe, Waithaka E and Obegi B. Length–weight relationship and condition factor of Clarias gariepinus in Lake Naivasha, Kenya, International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies 2015; 2(6): 382-385
  • Waithaka E, Mugo J, Obegi B. and James Last. Socio-economics of the re-introduced Oreochromis niloticus in Lake Naivasha (Kenya), International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies 2015; 2(5): 142-146

WaithakaE, Priscilla B, Alice M, Anthony N, George M. et al ( 2018) Assessment of Macrophytes Populations in lake Naivasha, Kenya; using GIS and Remote sensing J Environ Pollut Manage 1:202