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Agwata Ototo

Agwata Ototo

I am Agwata Ototo, ARS at KMFRI Mombasa.

I am a dependable person who likes to work with a positive and trustworthy team. I am always delighted to see my colleagues succeed in their work and career development.

KMFRI, Mombasa
Fish Nutrition.
Innovative fish feed development and domestication of new marine fish species (Culture of sea cucumber at KMFRI Mombasa).

BSc. Fisheries and Aquaculture, MSc, ongoing.

Esther Wairimu Magondu, Maroko Mokaya, Agwata Ototo, Kobingi Nyankieya, and Jane Nyamora, 2016. Growth Performance of Milk fish (Chanos  chanos Forsskal) fed on formulated and non-formulated feeds.