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Amon Kimeli

Amon Kimeli

Kimeli has been carrying out research on sediment dynamics along the Kenyan coast and determining the biophysical conditions that control sediment deposition & accretion and their possible effects on critical habitats including mangroves, sea grasses and coral reefs. Recently he has also been generating shallow and deep-water bathymetry by processing Singlebeam data obtained from acoustic echosounder (EK60) installed in RV Mtafiti and satellite imagery (remote sensing). He has experience in working with some acoustic systems including MBES (Kongsberg EM2040, EM122), SBES (Knudsen 320B, Simrad EK 60) and sidescan sonar (Klein3900). He also has an interest in GIS applications and modelling of sea level rise. He is currently involved in two multi-national and multi-disciplinary research projects. He is also a PhD student at the Universität Bremen, Germany.

KMFRI Mombasa
Oceanography and Hydrography
Marine Geology (sedimentation), Marine GIS and Hydrography/Acoustics
Marine Sediments, Hydrography and Modelling

Post Graduate Certificate in Ocean Mapping and Category A Hydrography Certification. University of New Hampshire. 

Master of Science degree in Master of Science in Marine and Lacustrine Science and Management (Oceans & Lakes). Vrije Universiteit Brussels Dissertation title: Sedimentation in response to sea level rise in the mangroves of Mwache Creek, Mombasa-Kenya: a field and modeling study. 

Bachelor of Science in Geology (Minor in Mathematics & Chemistry). The University of Nairobi.

Kosore C., Kamau J., Ngisiange N., Kimeli A., Magori C., Kimani E., (2018) Occurrence and Ingestion of Microplastics by Zooplankton in Kenya’s Marine Environment: First Documented Evidence – Submitted to African Journal of Marine Sciences – Accepted