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KMFRI lead researchers headed by Ocean and Coastal Systems (OCS) Ag Deputy Director Dr James Mwaluma, the principal investigator (seated centre), participated in the meeting on larval fish production and dispersal in critical habitats of Coastal East Africa. The meet was held at the North Coast Hotel, in Kilifi from 18th to 21st March, 2019.

The goal of the project is to investigate how food-provisioning services in the form of fish production are threatened by coastal habitat degradation and how production of this natural resource is related to climate change and coastal development in East Africa. 

The project will identify sensitive seagrass habitats that need to be protected and threshold values for healthy productive seagrass habitats, and estimate the socio-economic costs of seagrass beds loss to fisheries. Expected results from the project include provision of a science-based mitigation management measures and protection strategies for threatened coastal habitats in the WIO for sustainable fish stocks. 

 Others in attendance included Prof Moniker Winder from Stockholm University Sweden, Prof Margareth Kyewalyanga from Institute of Marine Science, Dr Mwanaisha Shali of Institute of Marine Science, Mr Tarimo Barnabus from Institute of Marine Science, Tanzania; KMFRI’s

Assistant Director Planning and Socioeconomics Dr Jacob Ochiewo, Senior Researcher Dr Melchizedeck Osore and Research Officer Ms Lilian Nduku,



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