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Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) is a State Corporation established in 1979 by the Science and Technology Act, Cap 250 of the Laws of Kenya, which has since been repealed by the Science, Technology and Innovation Act No. 28 of 2013 which has recognized KMFRI as a national research institution under section 56, fourth schedule. KMFRl's mandate is to undertake research in "marine and freshwater fisheries, aquaculture, environmental and ecological studies, and marine research including chemical and physical oceanography", in order to provide scientific data and information for sustainable exploitation, management and conservation of Kenya's fisheries and other aquatic resources, and contribute to National strategies of food security, poverty alleviation, clean environment and creation of employment as provided for under Vision 2030....[Read more]


 RV Mtafiti

RV Mtafiti  is an excellent research vessel for undertaking National and Regional Oceanographic and Fisheries surveys to enhance management of coastal and marine resources and support sustainable livelihoods. It is also used to Undertake Research and Resource Surveillances in the Kenya and WIO waters and ensure sustainable exploitation and security of the fisheries and other marine resources. 

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