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The success of any organization depends on how it adapts to changes in the social, economic, political and technological environment in which it operates. Most thriving organizations have to review and refocus their strategies from time to time to respond to new developments, both internal and external. As the leading aquatic research institution in Kenya, Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) has to deal with a broad range of issues which are very dynamic. Due to challenges facing the management of aquatic resources, KMFRI is now much more under pressure than ever before from the Government, the public and private sector to deliver relevant, practical and readily adaptable results for aquatic resource management.

The aquatic environment has continued to face diverse challenges including; overexploitation of fish resources, pollution, habitat destruction and other forms of environmental degradation, conflicts in resource use and more recently, climate change. Therefore, KMFRI is expected to provide research solutions for sustainable exploitation of both freshwater and marine ecosystems. With the ever increasing demand for fish as a result of rapid population growth, KMFRI must provide leadership in developing sustainable and economically viable aquaculture as an industry for employment creation, food security and income generation.

This Strategic Plan is a review of the ten-year KMFRI strategic plan which came into force in 2005 and was expected to run up to 2015. However, the introduction of new government policies and emerging global challenges necessitated midway review of the previous plan.

The reviewed Strategic Plan is anchored on several policy documents including: Kenya Vision 2030, which is a blueprint for transforming Kenya into a newly industrialising “middleincome country providing a high quality life to all its citizens by the year 2030” and recognises the fisheries sector, the need for a clean environment and the role of Science, Technology and Information in national development and the National Oceans and Fisheries Policy, which provides guidelines for the development and coordinated governance of the fisheries sector and recognises KMFRI as the lead research agency in the sector.

This Strategic Plan will enable KMFRI to achieve three main objectives: First, it allows self evaluation of internal constraints facing the institute and focuses on effective restructuring to enhance efficiency in service delivery. Secondly, it enables KMFRI to critically assess changes in the environment it operates in and proposes ways to address emerging challenges and thirdly, it gives a long shot into the future and prepares the institute for the future challenges. The Plan is a pathway towards realizing KMFRI’s vision of being a Centre of excellence in aquatic research and promotion of sustainable utilization of marine and freshwater resources for national development. It is my hope that through this new Strategic Plan; KMFRI will provide leadership and authority in informing sustainable management of the country’s aquatic resources for national development.


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