Crabs are among the valuable fisheries species that registered record catches in 2016, with their minimum landed value per tonne at US$ 3,800 according to the FAO’s 2018 SOFIA report. In Kenya, mud crab has been the commercially important species among the family Portunidae of the class Crustacea. The Blue Swimming Crab Portunus pelagicus, (locally known as “Kaa Wembe”) also belong to the same family. This crab is found in relative- ly shallow waters in creeks. It is easier to find, and needs less expertise to harvest compared to the mud crab. The Blue Swimming Crab is not a high value species because it has low survival rate,goes bad quickly and disintegrates, making it unfavourable for export. However, it is abundant, easy to catch, affordable and equally nutritious. Due to its availability, local communities in Watamu-Mida area rely on the Blue Swimming Crab as a source of food and have fully embraced it as part of their diet.......(Read more)