Kenya Aquatica

KCSAP Project


  •  The fisheries of Lake Victoria that was once among the largest in the world has taken a dramatic decline due to several pressures on the lake.
  •  Several fishermen and private investors have therefore reverted to fish cage farming without giving much details to sustainable practices.
  •  The mushrooming cages in the lake have been mostly cited within the most productive shallow nearshore areas of the lake and within bays where they believe their cages are secure from strong waves and also from thieves.
  •  The improper citation coupled with poor husbandry has a great potential of degrading the aquatic health and lead to possible fish deaths both within the cages and of the capture fisheries.
  •  Cage fish farmers have occasionally reported fish deaths with accompanying financial losses which sometimes runs into millions of shillings.
  •  In order to monitor the possible causative factors to occasional fish deaths and the social impact to the investors, KMFRI undertook a study within Kadimo Bay with cage practices ranging from less intensive to intensive, to try and understand the socio-ecological impact of fish cage farming in Lake Victoria... READ MORE