Post-harvest losses and value addition

Fish is nutritious yet highly perishable. Post-harvest fish value chains are often
impacted by significant post-harvest losses which pose a threat to food security and
affect the livelihoods of artisanal fisherfolk.

We conduct research to characterize the scale of these losses at every node across the diverse value-addition chains including cold, dried, fried and smoked fish value chains. Our research informs the design, fabrication and transfer of a variety of climate-smart technologies for mitigation against these losses and improvement of the products developed by artisanal fish processors. We also capacity-build communities on best practices in fish handling and value addition to reduce losses and product diversification for improved livelihoods.

Our product development team produces a variety of value added fresh products including fish fingers, samosas, kebas and sausages to encourage a fish-eating culture among Kenyan consumers.

Apart from the exploitation of conventional aquatic resources, we conduct bioprospecting in both marine and freshwater systems to identify and sustainably exploit aquatic life with the potential to produce novel molecules with unique biological activity. These bioactive compounds are then tested for activity and purified for potential application in diverse industries such as pharma, cosmeceuticals, antifouling and biological control.

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