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Jared Nyabeta

Jared Nyabeta

Jared is a Research Scientist with Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute, Mombasa working under marine and fresh water aquaculture research Directorate for the last 20 years with a lot of experience on fish fry production and hatchery management for Nile tilapia, African catfish ornamental and aquarium fishery. He was contracted by Bamburi Cement as a lead team to conduct some work on commercialization of Haller Park Fish Farm for fish quality, enhanced production and generation of income. Jared has also been working on assessment of male production of Nile tilapia through exposure to temperature variations as an alternative technology for monosex production. Other areas of interest include fish culture structural establishment, selective breeding for Nile tilapia, and African catfish and broodstock management for quality seed production. Have actively participated in community empowerment on aquaculture practices in the Coastal region spearheading  fish hatchery trainings, fish culture husbandry and .participated in regional and local seminars, workshops, conferences and open days.

KMFRI Mombasa
Fresh water hatchery and fish seed production
Fish seed production and ornamental fishery
  • BSc. Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, Moi University Eldoret
  • Diploma: Fisheries and Aquaculture Management
  • Certificate: Hatchery Management, seed production and pond husbandry