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Faith Kimanga

Faith Kimanga

Socioeconomic researcher with a background in community development and sustainable development studies. Passionate about the dynamics of the fishing community and the socioeconomic aspects of marine and aquatic resources. This include research focus on gender roles, poverty alleviation, socio and economic wellbeing of the coastal communities, attitudes and perceptions of the community towards sustainable utilization of marine and aquatic resources to promote food security, livelihoods and sustainable resources in the coastal region of Kenya.

She has been actively involved in a variety of research programmes at the institute, including the Kenya Coastal Development Project (KCDP), Marine Science for Management (MASMA) project which dealt with promoting environmentally sustainable management of Kenya's coastal and marine resources and resilience of mangrove-dependent communities to Climate Change respectively.  Faith has also experience on socioeconomic data collection, Data analysis and report writing.

KMFRI Mombasa
Socioeconomic Research community participatory approach, Community need assessment, Community consultation processes, Project management
Resource use patterns and the influence of perceptions on marine resource management Community based conservation that is aimed at developing alternative livelihoods to ease pressure on marine ecosystems while improving the economic status of the community

Bachelors of Development Studies

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