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Edward Waiyaki

Edward Waiyaki

I am presently developing a research proposal titled: Employing the Market System Approach to assess Kenya’s artisanal marine fisheries . As a member of KMFRI’s Socio-Economics Department I have over the years been involved in several research projects focusing on social aspects of marine and coastal resource use. Some of the notable projects I have participated in are:

  • CIFOR [Centre for International Forestrty Research project on: Governance and Tenure of Mangrove forests in Kwale County, Kenya]
  • MASMA [Marine Science for Management project – on: Dugongs (Dugong dugon) of the Western Indian Ocean Region: Identity, Distribution, Status, Threats and Management; Livelihood impacts and adaptation in fishing practices in response to changes in the upwelling region under East African Coastal Current. Productivity in the East African Coastal Current (PEACC) project]
  • WIOMSA [a study on: The Climate Change Iimpacts on Mangrove dependent coastal communities]
  • KCDP [Kenya Coastal Development Projects, including: A baseline study on the status of Post-harvest technology along the Kenyan coast; A Socio-Economic impact assessment of the Watamu – Malindi Marine Protected Areas on Local Communities; A Socio-ecomnomic assessment of the Beach Seine fishery in Lamu County, Kenya]
  • LVEMP [Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project in Kisumu, which funded research on: The impact of LVEMP micro-projects on local communities];

Over the past two years I have been involved in mentoring interns and students on attachment at KMFRI on the topics of Research Proposal writing Fisheries Marketing and Value Addition

KMFRI Mombasa Research Centre
Socio Economics
Socio-economic issues relating to the exploitation of coastal and marine resources by local communities
Market Systems Development in artisanal fisheries; Social dimensions of Climate Change; Blue growth for coastal fishing communities.
  • B.A (Economics);
  • MA (Social Policy for Development)

  • Kimanga, F., Ochiewo, J., Waiyaki, E., Munyi, F., Mwaura, J. and Karani, N. (2021). The Socioeconomic impacts of Coral reef rehabilitation: Coastal community perspectives from Wasini in the south coast of Kenya. Kenya Aquatica Journal. Vol. 6, No. 1, pp 17 – 31.
  • Ochiewo, J., Munyi, F., Waiyaki, E., Kimanga, F., Karani, N., Kamau, J., and Mahongo, S. (2020). Livelihood impacts and adaptation in fishing practices as a response to recent climatic changes in the upwelling region of the East African Coastal Current. PEACC project. Kenya Marine & Fisheries Research Institute. Kenya Wildlife Service. Tanzanian Fisheries Research Institute