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Edna Waithaka

Edna Waithaka

Edna has been working in the field of aquatic sciences and in particular fisheries socioeconomics for a long time. She is a graduate student of Moi University, school of environmental studies with a B.Sc in Management information systems from the united states international university in Nairobi.
She is a certified wetland steward with trainings from wetland international and Wageningen Centre for Innovation and Development in the Netherlands in 2015. She has been awarded two certifications in the field of (i) Ocean Governance at the International Oceans institute in Cape town South Africa (2017) and (ii) Fisheries Governance at Wageningen Centre for Innovation and Development, Netherlands (2015). She has also attained an international diploma in The Law of the Sea at Yeosu Academy of the law of the sea in South Korea (2016).
She is a member of the East African Water Association and has published in various journals.

KMFRI Naivasha
Freshwater Systems Research
Environmental monitoring, planning and Management
Remote Sensing and GIS, Environmental issues, Fisheries and Socio-economics.
  • Mphil -Environmental studies (monitoring, planning and management) -  Moi University- Eldoret  
  • PGD- Human resource management- Maseno university- Maseno
  • BSc - (Management Information Systems) United States International University-Nairobi


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  1. GLOW 9 emerging frontiers for African Great Lakes. Promoting blue economy, food security and conservation. Aug 5th -7th 2019 in Kisumu, Kenya

2.Sustainable Blue Economy Conference (SBEC) from 26th to 28th November , 2018 at the KICC, Nairobi, kenya

3.Stakeholders consultative workshop on environmental and socio impact assessment ESEA for the proposed Olkaria Wellhead lasing and industrial park electricity distribution network projects on 24th May 2018 at Kengen Olkaria socio hall

4.Integrity Assurance Officers Training at Kenya Institute of Highway and Building Technology, Kisii 20th -24th November 2017

5.Ocean Governance at the International Oceans  institute in Cape town South Africa 29th August – 2nd October 2017

6.Wetlands, Integrated water resource management and food security at Wageningen Centre for Innovation and Development in the Netherlands June 4th -25th 2017

  1. Fisheries Governance course at Wageningen Centre for Innovation and Development, Netherlands, 30th November- 18th December 2015.

8.International Course on The Law of the Sea at Yeosu Academy of the law of the sea 31st October – 11th November  2016 at Yeosu, South Korea.