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Dr. Edward Kimani

Dr. Edward Kimani

My research area is marine fisheries and ecology with over 25 years of research experience covering diverse areas. 

Research interests are fish population dynamics, stock assessment, ecosystem functioning and responses to climate and human induced changes. Fisheries and environmental research survey planning and implementation

Current Research 

  • RV Mtafiti hydro-acoustics and environmental surveys in the Kenya EEZ
  • By-catch assessment and mitigation for management (BYCAM) in the West Indian Ocean region
  • Large pelagic fish stock assessment
  • Shallow water and deep water crustacean trawl fishery assessment
  • Small scale fisheries catch assessment
  • Microplastic pollution in coastal fish marine ecosystems 
KMFRI Mombasa Research Centre
Oceans and coastal System Fisheries
Marine fisheries research, marine and coastal ecosystems functioning, marine ecology and biodiversity conservation
Research area of interest include marine fisheries and ecology. Research areas are fish population dynamics, stock assessment, ecosystem function, climate change conducted through planning and implantation of fisheries and environmental surveys

PhD (Zoology) 
MSc (Marine Science) 
Bsc Honours (Zoology/Botany)

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